September 14, 2014

So everyone dived back into work on Monday 1st September. Me included! After a wonderful break in Cornwall, the grand opening of our little park café and Morwenna’s Christening, it’s back to business with a bump.

Free Range Business has a new addition this month (of the non-feathered variety..!) I am very much looking forward to you all meeting Jake, our new Accounts Assistant in the near future. He’s survived his first week in style and I’m hoping he’ll turn up tomorrow morning too…! I’m not 100% sure he’s totally aware of what he’s let himself in for, poor chap.

So September marks two things. Firstly it’s my birthday (!) and secondly it’s the start of that long stretch of hard work before everyone shuts down again at Christmas. Hopefully we’ve all had a breather and a change of scenery recently, so now’s a great time to get our focus back and figure out a game plan.

What can we help you with? Let us help you make more money. Every month between now and December I am offering to help six businesses do just that, for FREE.

Send me your latest set of accounts. Give me half an hour. I’ll then call you back and tell you 3 ways you can make more money next year. For free. It’s that simple. What have you got to lose?!

If you want help getting those ducks of yours in a row, then look no further and give me a call.

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In the spirit of mixing business with pleasure, Ian, the girls & I headed to the Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show yesterday. It was set to be a cracking day out! Sadly, I was not prepared for Lizzie’s gigantic meltdown that occurred in the enormous toilet queue. Surrounded by hundreds of people, all staring. It was the first time I’ve wanted to remove and hide my Free Range Business gilet!

How many years do we have to wait until we can start embarrassing our kids right back?!

Enjoy the indian summer folks – September is definitely the best month :0)